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For Sale

Legion Flying Club - Northampton Airport 7B2
Looking for an additional member.

Legion Flying Club has been in existence for more than 50 years.

$2000 Membership of which $800 is security deposit
$70 per month dues
Club aircraft is a 1967 Cessna 172 with 0-300 D engine VFR only
6400 TT, with 1200  SMOH on a 1800 TBO
Rental is $27 per hour dry
Club is limited to 10 members and there are currently 8
Private Pilot min. requirement
Excellent $100 burger plane

Please contact Pat Routier, skeyehawk@aol.com, 413-519-0885

Seawind Kit as is.

The majority of the plane is complete. The following is a description of work completed and components involved:

  • The wings are completed with all wiring, plumbing and fuel lines installed.
  • Fuel rods are installed
  • Fuel tanks were installed by factory
  • The top skin has been fitted but is not bonded on
  • Tail section is complete with vertical stabilizer, rudder, elevator all bonded and faired to fuselage
  • The engine was rebuilt by Mattituck Aviation and is mounted
  • All baffles and tuned exhaust are installed
  • Canopy is installed
  • Flooring is fitted but not bonded
  • All pulleys are installed
  • The control column brakes and rudders are mounted to the front floor but not bonded in order to have easy access in order to run electrical, hydraulic, and control cable systems.

I have been assisted during construction by my cousin, an engineer from Pratt and Whitney.

I am a member of EAA Chapter 166, Hartford, CT and all work has been inspected by chapter technical advisors. There is so much more to tell about the plane. I also have hundreds of pictures from all stages of construction.

Please call me for additional information – Moe Schwartzmann, Seawind Project Owner - Newington, CT - cell # 860-604-7583

Please click this link to view a series of images taken during the Seawind project engine hang:

The following item for sale by Terry and Betsy Clark who are living in Crossville ,Tennessee. They can be reached at tbclark@frontiernet.net.

Electric motor

Terry used to run his Sprite? it is 36 Volts, Dc electric, 2300 RPM. 4.15 HP Cont. Part # A89-4001. Manufactured by Advanced DC Motors Inc. Syracuse, NY. Similar new from TruPar America is $1007.74. It can be used for a car, fork lift, golf card, or man lift. He paid about $500 for it and we would like to get $250.



Any EAA member in the Southern New England area is welcome to list aviation-related merchandise for sale or wanted on this page.  Send an eMail to