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Homebuilt Airplane Mil-Spec Plywood and Epoxy Glue - $40 (Seymour)

Left over from a homebuilt airplane project are the following supplies:

1 unopened 1-Quart Kit of T-88 epoxy glue
6 each 12 " x 48" sheets of 1/8" Birch/Poplar Plywood
6 each 12" x 48" sheets of 1/1 6" Birch/Poplar Plywood
4 each 12" x 48" sheets of 1/16" Mahogany/Poplar Plywood
There are a number of odd-side left-over pieces as well.
Also included is an 18" x 9" x 7" Tupperware box contain ing scrap Birch plywood pieces suitable for rib gussets.
All plywood is US-made to MIL-P-6070 specification. .
I commute the I-84/I-91 corridor from Waterbury to Enfield several times a week.
Delivery within reason is possible.
Contact: Rich Rozanski 203-217-8424 or email rrozansk@gmail.com






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