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Massachusetts Aircraft Sales Tax Exemption May be Repealed

Since the Connecticut exemption on aircraft repairs and parts is based on being competitive on neighboring states, this could eventually affect Connecticut too.

This came from the Massachusetts Airport Managers Association (MAMA)
Governor’s Proposal to Repeal Exemption on Sales Tax
To the MAMA membership:
By now, all of you know that Governor Patrick’s office is proposing to repeal an exemption on the sales tax of aircraft and aircraft parts in Massachusetts. Already, from various members of the state legislature (see Rep. Humason press release, below), this proposal has been met with opposition.
It was not too long ago that MAMA put forth a tremendous effort to support the authoring and introduction of this sales tax exemption bill. And thanks to people like Rep. Cele Hahn and Sen. Mike Knapik, this bill was subsequently passed into law, with the aviation industry and state economy being the beneficiaries. So I know I speak for MAMA when I say that this latest action by the Governor’s office is poorly guided and requires a “re-set” on the facts. With this in mind, from each MAMA member, I have two requests:
1) After soliciting your FBOs and dealers, please cooperate as soon as possible with the MAC, by providing to Lorraine Bohannon all current (2006-2007) data concerning aircraft sales, as well as sales on aircraft maintenance parts and maintenance. This data will augment that which was gathered in MAC’s 2005 survey.
2) Please contact your individual legislators as soon as possible and make them understand how maintaining the sales tax exemption on aircraft and aircraft parts has created for Massachusetts a competitive balance with neighboring states like New Hampshire and Connecticut; and how the sales tax exemption has, in fact, generated more aviation activity in the state, meaning more jobs and more revenue.
Russ Maguire, President

Chapter Events

Here’s the list of events we’re planning for 2008, along with other aviation events in the area.
The items in bold are our chapter events.

February 9th and March 8th are our regular monthly meetings at 10:00 AM

There is no meeting in April, and we return to our 2nd Wednesday of the month meetings on May 14th

February 16th-Pancake Breakfast
March 15th-Pancake Breakfast

March 29th-New England Safety Expo at Daniel Webster College, Nashua, NH
Apriil 8-13th-Sun-N-Fun, Lakeland Florida
April 19th-Pancake Breakfast
April-Date to be Determined-Tour Bradley (Yankee) TRACON and Tower
May 10th-Chapter 166 Young Eagle Day at Brainard
May 17th-Pancake Breakfast
May 17&18th-Hampton Fly-Market
May 31st-FAA Safety Seminar at Skylark
June 14th-Pancake Breakfast
June 23-24th-Rhode Island National Guard Open House & Air Show
July 12th-Pancake Breakfast
July 28-August 3-EAA Airventure Oshkosh
August 16th-Corn Roast & Cookout
August-Date to be Determined-Trip to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
September 6-7th-Great New England Air Show, Westover ARB, Chicopee, MA
September 13th-Young Eagles Day
September 21st-Simsbury Fly-In (Rain date Sept. 28th)
October 11th-Taildragger Fly-In & Safety Seminar
November 15th-Pancake Breakfast
December 5th-Skylark Christmas Dinner
December 13th-Pancake Breakfast

A poker run event with other chapters is also a possibility.