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Moved Trailer Today

Jim Glista and I got the trailer that is being donated to us moved today. It was in some soft ground, and we got it on to a hard surface to make it easy to move when we’re ready. We expect to be able to bring it over to Skylark within the next week or so. I accidentally had my phone in movie mode, so the pictures aren’t the best. We’re going to have to do some basic work on the trailer before we can start to equip it for a kitchen. While the structure is in good shape and is weather tight, some supports are corroded and will need to be sanded and painted. The paint on the siding is chalking, and the lighting will need some work. The plywood floor has some oil stains, so we’ll need to put some flooring down.

The height is about 8 feet, so it has plenty of room. We’ll need to design the water and electrical system, as well provisions for propane cooking. The trailer sits higher than most current enclosed trailers, but it should work well for us.