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Connecticut Aircraft Property Tax Generating Lots of Press

On our home page, I have several links to documents on governor Dannel Malloy’s proposal to impose the property tax on aircraft, and to add the 6.35% sales tax on services and aircraft storage. There’s been a lot of press on this issue, and only the state’s Budget Director has a printed comment in favor of implementing the tax. Everyone else knows this is a job killing proposal. Even mayors from towns that would receive the tax money are skeptical that the tax will bring in as much money as the Connecticut bureaucrats say.

About the only correction is that this proposal won’t cause planes to move out in the future. I know that it is already happening just based on the threat.

From the Connecticut Post: Aircraft tax: a flight risk for business

A blog on the legal aspects on Aviation Technology at the University of Mississippi quotes AOPA’s letter. Connecticut governor’s tax bills take aim at general aviation

Another blog from Ari Good, an aviation attorney in Florida writes, A Bad Idea in Connecticut.

Forbes magazine blog says Tax Hikes On Cars, Planes, Jewelry and Drags In Connecticut Budget

The National Air Transportation’s Inside Washington Blog says: States Need To Start Valuing GA And Not Taxing It!

Dean Saucier, the National Business Aviation Association regional representative has taken the lead on communication for this issue. NBAA Mobilizes Grassroots Campaign Against Connecticut State Tax Proposal

Republican state senator Rob Kane and state representative David Labriola, who both represent the area served by Oxford airport have come out against the proposal since they believe it will cost jobs, and be very detremental to the airport. Oxford Delegation Says Gov’s Proposed Aviation Taxes Need to be Shot Down

On March 7, the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee held a hearing on the overall tax bill. Here is the AOPA testimony from regional representative, Craig Dotlo.

CTNewsJunkie, Connecticut’s online news source has a couple of articles on this topic: (Budget Director) Barnes Defends Tax Package. Where he states “he doesn’t believe it will completely drive the industries out of the state.”
I guess driving 95% out of the state is OK. It’s ironic how one of the big beneficiaries of this tax package will be his namesake airport in Westfield, MA.

Also from CTNewsJunkie is the article: Aviation Group: Malloy’s Revenue Bills Would Be ‘Catastrophic’ For Industry which has several photos of Skylark Airport.

And finally, chapter member Derek Schwalenberg got to testify at the hearing. He was prominantely mentioned in an Associated Press article Conn. budget chief defends Malloy tax increases which was picked up by many news organizations, such as the Hartford Courant , Providence Journal, CNBC, WTIC Radio, and Bloomberg Business Week.

As of this posting, the bill has not advanced out of committee.

OK. I Think We Have a Good Web Host Now

I moved the site from a service in Albany because they stopped answering questions for months.

I found a new hosting service in Chicago, but the server was on some email blacklists. While I made arrangements to another service, they had some problems, and the service was moved to Dallas.

Since I wasn’t too fond of the communications at that service either, I went ahead and purchased a hosting package from that third service. I asked to be put on a server they have in Scranton, but after a few days, they had network problems at that site, and we were moved to Portland, Oregon.

That server didn’t have the necessary files in place to run our shopping cart, so I asked to be moved to yet another server. So now we’re in Miami.

Oh yes, I almost forgot…The company I purchased this current service from is based in Singapore.