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Articles on Robertson Airport Vote in AOPA Magazine

The June AOPA Pilot magazine has several items on the Town of Plainville’s purchase of Robertson Airport. They credit a lot of the favorable impression voters had of the airport from the …” open house where more than 100 people took their first flights in GA airplanes…”

Has anyone been able to figure out how those people took those flights?

GAO GPS Report Doesn’t Take WAAS into Account

Technical writer Bob Cringely puts some holes in the recent GAO report on the statistic possibility of future GPS signal degradation. While his argument doesn’t clearly state how GPS assists in landing planes, he does point out why the report seems to be politically motivated by reporting the situation in the worst possible light.

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » WAAS Up? – Cringely on technology.

Could it be that some polititians have an interest in the recently unfunded eLORAN system?

GPS Satellite Failure and eLORAN Backup System – Popular Mechanics.