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Caravella Aerospace Roadable Aircraft

Here’s another design. The designer calls this a roadable aircraft instead of a flying car. This one is based on a motorcycle with folding wings. The design is still in a prototype stage, and the company exhibits at the EAA Fly-In Convention to get feedback from the best audience out there. Joe Caravella, the owner of the company has made two presentations this year on roadable aircraft. He covered optimizing the compromises, construction techniques, licensing and testing. He made a presentation , and had his prototype at the new Homebuilder’s Hangar on the airport. The vehicle is currently drivable. The wings, tail and propeller drive system are next. Visit for more information.

Anywhere Map Handheld Quadra

Control Vision has introduced its new Quadra aviation GPS system. It has optional sectional charts, approach plates and XM weather. On the ground it has 3D street mapping and comes with a car and yoke mount. Control Vision QuadraResolution is 800X480 which is much higher than similar systems with a 4.3″ display. The cost is $595 for the base model. Add $200 for sectional charts or $400 for sectional charts, enroute charts and approach plates. Rebates are available through the end of August. Visit for full information.

Scotts / Miracle Gro Sponsors Warbird Area

The Scotts / Miracle Gro company has become s sponsor of the Warbird Alley at the EAA convention site. Besides a nice looking grass area, there is a new presentation pad where the Warbirds in Review programs were held. A permanent Veterans Tribute monument is also part of the area. The new Scotts Warbird Alley provides improved access and a memorable setting for these rare aircraft.

Maverick Flying Car

One of the main themes this year at Oshkosh was the flying car / roadable aircraft. There were many there in flying to prototype condition. One of the flying ones was the Maverick . It’s a two seat vehicle that got its DOT approval in late June. It was driven to Wisconsin from Florida. When it flies, it uses a ram-air parachute for lift. It’s suspension is intended for off-road applications, and is powered by a 130 – 200 HP Subaru engine. The vehicle complies with the LSA category and is expected to be available late this year.

Maverick Flying Car

The flying car has integrated flying and driving controls to make controlling it like driving.

Centennial of Naval Aviation in 2011

Next year is the 100th anniversary of Naval Aviation. A commission has been set up with the mission to honor a century of mission-ready men and women and recognize unique avitaion-related achievements through event driven celebrations.

Of the 34 special commemoration events, a couple include June 25-26 at the National Guard Association of Rhode Island Open House, and the EAA Fly-In Convention on July 25 – August 1. Navy aviators will participate in air shows, fly-overs, special demonstrations, static displays and industry booths.

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SWAG at the Westfield/Barnes Airshow

I’ll post more important information later, but here’s the free stuff I got at the Saturday event.

Mercy Hospital / Springfield Armor T-Shirt
Mohegan Sun T-Shirt
Mohegan Sun bottle opener
Peter Pan Bus beach ball
TD Bank lighted yo-yo
TD Bank tissues.

Saturday was the day to see airplanes flying and a huge crowd. Today has 1600′ overcast, so I’ll bet not much is flying.