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Items Coming up at the 2010 EAA Convention

Plans are firming up for this year’s convention. An online meeting was held tonight, and here are some of the items discussed.

Chip sealing roads and pathways throughout main exhibit area including the Fly-Market.
Addition to Bldg C –more exhibit space for larger displays. Also 26 M+26 F toilets.
Paving down Whitman Rd down to near ultralight. The road will be moved next year for safety improvements at the ultralight runway.
New bike path from North 40 to the main entrance. It will continue around main entrance to vintage area. Continuing by Foundation Rd. to Waukau to Forest Home to Schaick Ave to Knapp St. to the Ultralight/ Red Barn entrance.

New North 40 Shower House 60 stalls. (40 with private enterances.) Flush toilets will be in shower building.

252 Electrical / Water hookups. 1st come, 1st served. No refund if leaving early.

New Trams that can hold 40 passengers. Lighting on trams for night operations.

More shade trees, as long as it doesn’t affect regular airport operations.

IAC building will have a new porch added which will be used for seminars. To be dedicated to Vicki Cruse.

New enhancements in the Warbirds area. Details to be announced soon.

50 DC-3’s have expressed interest in coming to Oshkosh
In the past, 8 at most have been there. Biggest challenge is parking them.
Formation will be lead by the DC-2. 40 DC-3’s in formation arrival

July 28th is the date of the 75th anniversary of the 1st B-17 flight. 5 will be in formation flights

Warbirds air show every day. Emphasis on Vietnam era.
Friday Jet warbird show.

Music – Chicago on Monday. EAA Concert Band on Wednesday, Lt. Dan Band on Friday.
Electric Airplanes – An exhibit building will be dedicated to electrics.

A special air show performer will be announced soon. (I’ll look for clues.)
Saturday night airshow July 31st including a wall of fire
Balloon launch and cluster balloon Saturday and Sunday morning between 6 and 7 AM.
Air Crane coming back.
Ultralight helicopter powered by hydrogen peroxide.

WWI replicas 5 from a museum in Colorado. Plus an SE5a replica.
A grass strip will be available again.

Bruce Crandall, Medal of Honor recipient will speak during the evening program.
100th anniversary of the seaplane.
50th anniversary of the Piper Cherokee