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We’re at Sun-N-Fun

I arrived today on the LST (Long Silver Tube) crying baby special. The weather here has cleared up, but there are low clouds all along the east coast. Word is that the Tiger Moth flight has stopped in Virginia, and the crew will be renting a car the rest of the way. A current weather view shows MVFR weather all the way from New York to Georgia.

Today Pete and I went to Fantasy of Flight. We visited there 2 years ago, and the main new attraction is a walk-through as you enter the museum. You enter a simulated C-54, and then jump out into the darkness. The wind hits you, as you are simulating a wartime parachute jump. Next you go along and see a mirrored area giving you the impression of coming to earth under a parachute. You then continue to an area with early flight displays. Balloons. early planes and a Wright engine are in this area. The lighting and display are very detailed throughout these areas giving a great impression.

Next you continue to the WWI area. Planes are bombing overhead while you are in the trenches with the fighters. Further down are the Germans in their bombed out underground trench areas. The only thing missing is the mud. Next is the WWII briefing room. Again the construction details are fantastic with a period movie projector showing the presentation (although it’s workings have been replaced with a video projector.

After the briefing, you go out to your actual B-17 bomber. You enter the back of the plane where the engine noise is deafening. The cramped areas, cold and noise are only a partial reminder of went into those flights. Going forward to the bomb bay area has another video under the floor of the doors opening, and the bombs dropping away. You then continue to the radio operator’s station and finally to the cockpit and the nose area below.

Exiting the plane, you see the outside of your plane with the maintenance crew working inside the wing. The Winter scene shows the difficult working conditions.

Tomorrow the Sun-N-Fun show opens. The area is quite muddy from the four inches of rain that fell yesterday. The weather looks good for the rest of the week.