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Here’s the Type of Thing That Will Happen When Airlines Control ATC

From View From the Wing blog,
Gary Leff writes on how the big airlines’ lobbyists write letters for congress.
In this instance, the letter was written by Delta against foreign competitors.

If the privatized air traffic control system is implemented, how can we be sure that the lobbyists paid by the airlines won’t influence congress to implement rules and fees that benefit them at the detriment to general aviation?

Sandpiper Air and AeroMass Flight Schedules

I’ve been watching the Wings television show on Antenna TV, and I think I’ve compiled the flight schedules for the two airlines. I’ve got a TV that I can freeze the image. The AeroMass flight board is easy to see since they use larger letters, and I believe the cameras are further away from that location on the set. That allows a wider depth of field.

The cameras are closer to the Sandpiper Air desk. That allows them to focus on the characters while leaving the board behind them a bit blurred. Additionally, Sandpiper Air being on a shoestring budget, has a mix of letter sizes on the board. This makes seeing the flight numbers difficult.

For some reason, AeroMass has 10 departures, but only 9 arrivals.

Sandpaper Air



Flight Number

Destination Time Flight Number Destination Time
8 Hyannis & Provincetown 8:34 AM 7 Provincetown  & Hyannis 7:00 AM
2 Boston 12:09 PM 19 Boston 10:00 AM
14 Fall River & Marthas Vinyard* 2:47 PM 20 Marthas Vinyard & Fall River* 1:22 PM
12 Boston 5:35 PM 25 Boston 3:15 PM
All Flights Depart and Arrive at Gate 1A
* – These flights operated to and from New Bedford & Marthas Vinyard after Fall River
Airport closed on February 18, 1996
Flight 12 used to arrive at 3:00 PM, but that would have it arriving before flight 25 departed.





Flight Number Destination Time Gate Flight Number Destination Time Gate
8 Boston 8:02 AM 1 1 Boston 6:55 AM 1
12 New York LaGuardia 9:16 AM 2 11 New York  LaGuardia 7:50 AM 2
14 Hartford 9:38 AM 2 15 Hartford 8:36 AM 1
18 Boston 10:47 AM 1 19 Boston 10:08 AM 1
20 Newark 3:05 PM 2 21 Newark 1:38 PM 2
22 New York LaGuardia 4:46 PM 2 23 New York LaGuardia 2:35 PM 2
4 Portland 5:46 PM 1 25 Boston 4:10 PM 2
26 Boston 5:57 PM 2 31 Hartford 9:46 PM 1
28 New York LaGuardia 6:02 PM 1 33 Hyannis 9:51 PM 1
30 Hyannis 6:31 PM 1
Welcome to Nantucket Have a nice flight

Another Good Day at Oshkosh (As long as you’re not a military jet.)

I’ve been gathering quite a bit of information from the exhibitors here at Oshkosh, and I’ll get things written up when I get back. Tomorrow the big star will be the 7 8 7 visit. Conoco-Philips Plaza has had some open space after the Southwest 737 and JuetBlue A320 left. That should be mostly be taken up by the lines to visit the 7 8 7. (I type it that way to remind you that the 8 is pronounced eight, not eighty.) In incidents today, an F-16 couldn’t stop and ran off the end of the runway, and an F4J went off the pavement on landing roll. No injuries. Today I visited the museum, and looked at the surplus equipment sale. I also went through a couple of the exhibit buildings. I went down to the south end of the field for some photos of the air show. The sky had some good cloud texture to it, so hopefully the photos will come out good. There wasn’t much wind though, so smoke didn’t dispurse quickly. The AeroShell team uses alternating flashing landing lights, but in the smoke, I saw them fully flash them for better recognition. More reports and photos to come.

PopSci Q+A: The Power Couple of Pyrotechnics Explains the Perfect “Wall of Fire” | Popular Science

Popular Science interviews Rich and Dee Gibson of Rich’s Incredible Pryo. They will be receiving the Bill Barber award for showmanship at Oshkosh.

PopSci Q+A: The Power Couple of Pyrotechnics Explains the Perfect “Wall of Fire”

Replacement in the Works for Oshkosh 365

Oshkosh 365 has been plagued with slow speed since its release about two years ago. While there have been some good threads with useful information, they are too infrequent for a potential audience of over 100,000 EAA members.

Page refreshes are way too long for  a message board, so there is major movement in replacing the current site.

Oshkosh 365 – Discussion Boards – Oshkosh365 / EAA Forums.

New Air Traffic Control System at Crossroads –

Fox News story about NexGen air traffic control system explains the funding problem, and the lack of clear direction from the FAA, but skips over any mention of the majority of aircraft that will be affected by the new system; general aviation.

New Air Traffic Control System at Crossroads –

Possible Chapter Trip

Since the trip to the Red Bull Air Races last summer was so successful, several people have been inquiring if we’re going to do a trip this year. We had considered going to the USS Intrepid in New York, but the Northampton chapter did that last April.
We’ve been thinking about a possible destination, and there’s always the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. Another possibility is for an overnight trip to Washington DC to the Smithsonian museums. It would be about a six hour bus trip, which may be quite long for those seats. Another option is to go by train. We would be restricted on the times we go, but you could move around. We would then need to arrange group transportation within the city. I was thinking of leaving on a Thursday or Friday, and returning Sunday. Perhaps August 25-28 while school is still out.

Please give me some feedback if there’s any interest, or a different destination.


I always like looking for new and unusual designs at our EAA Convention. One of them at last year’s event was the Skycar by OMA SUD. It’s a twin engine, pusher, T-tail design intended for many specialized missions such as surveillance. Since the engines are behind the passengers, it provides excellent visibility to the passengers and crew. It can hold five seats, and since it uses Lycoming IO-360 engines, it has a low operating cost. Design goals emphasize high reliability, low operating costs, and comfort.

Cargo Pod for RV-10

MotoPodTwo of the down sides of general aviation travel is the problem of getting around at your destination, and transporting larger items. MotoPod, LLC has created a storage system that mounts underneath an aircraft. The pod is currently designed to be attached under an RV-10, and they are planning on models that can be used on some popular certified aircraft. The pod is raised and lowered by an attachment of a cordless drill where it is latched to the aircraft bottom. The pod can be unloaded in about 90 seconds. It is placed near the aircraft’s center of gravity so weight issues are minimized. MotoPod also has a version of a Yamaha motorcycle that folds to fit into the pod which allows ground travel for two people.

Homebuilt Hangar Programs

Over the past years, the new, exciting features at the EAA Convention were related to commercial and military displays. While the roots of EAA didn’t get smaller,they didn’t get bigger either. 2010 saw a new presentation building inaugurated called the Homebuilders Hangar. Aircraft Spruce & Specialty provided funding for the renovation of the former hangar used for NASA exhibits.

Many kit and plan aircraft designers and manufacturers used this area to discuss their designs. Among them were Leonard Milholland of the Legal Eagle, Jonathan R. Trappe who flys a cluster balloon, Burt Rutan discussed his Long EZ, and Steve Williamson who talked about the Pietenopol.