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Another Good Day at Oshkosh (As long as you’re not a military jet.)

I’ve been gathering quite a bit of information from the exhibitors here at Oshkosh, and I’ll get things written up when I get back. Tomorrow the big star will be the 7 8 7 visit. Conoco-Philips Plaza has had some open space after the Southwest 737 and JuetBlue A320 left. That should be mostly be taken up by the lines to visit the 7 8 7. (I type it that way to remind you that the 8 is pronounced eight, not eighty.) In incidents today, an F-16 couldn’t stop and ran off the end of the runway, and an F4J went off the pavement on landing roll. No injuries. Today I visited the museum, and looked at the surplus equipment sale. I also went through a couple of the exhibit buildings. I went down to the south end of the field for some photos of the air show. The sky had some good cloud texture to it, so hopefully the photos will come out good. There wasn’t much wind though, so smoke didn’t dispurse quickly. The AeroShell team uses alternating flashing landing lights, but in the smoke, I saw them fully flash them for better recognition. More reports and photos to come.

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