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Bob Hoover’s Presentation at Oshkosh

On Friday, aviation legend Bob Hoover spoke at the EAA Museum. I’ve heard parts of his life story before, but there’s always a few new, or forgotten, items brought up.

Bob was a test pilot during WWII. He relentlessly kept working for a combat assignment, but his flying skills were in too much demand testing planes before they became operational. One assignment had him testing planes after they were repaired from battle damage. Another period had him testing the first 60 P-51’s that were going to North Africa.

He finally got that combat assignment in Algiers, but then got reassigned to training and ferry flights. He led a flight of P-40’s from Algiers to Sicily.

During a mission, he was attacked by Folke-Wolfe 190’s. He felt that one that was 90 degrees to him wasn’t a threat since that would have to be a very difficult shot to make, but he did get hit. He had to invert the plane to bail out, but he came out of that uninjured.

After the war he was able to use his experience test flying planes that were built by the enemy.

If you ever get the opportunity to hear Bob speak, I recommend not letting the opportunity pass by. You’ll probably regret missing him.

More EAA Fly-In Convention News

I wasted a good part of Friday morning. I put my camera’s memory card in my computer to copy the files and clear the card. Forgot to put it back in the camera. The EAA shops only had XD cards, and I needed SD. Tried the two battery vendors in the display buildings. One didn’t carry them, and the others were out at all 3 of their locations. Next try was the media building to see if they knew where to get one, but Canon was right next door so I tried there first. They must have dealt with people like me before since they had a sign out on their counter saying that they were available at a vendor called Camera Casino in building C. I had walked by there twice already without knowing they were in there. They weren’t listed in the exhibitor guide either.

Oh well, got the card.  Oh joy! As I’m typing this I see that this high speed (SDHC) card can’t be read with either of my computers. One major lesson I learned working with computers is that there’s usually another way to get things done. I’ll have to transfer the photos and movie clips over through the camera. We’ve got lots of photos and video to post. It will take a few days to sort through them though.