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Sikorsky Firefly Electric Helicopter

Sikorsky Aircraft Innovations project had their Firefly electric helicopter demonstration at last year’s EAA Convention. It is based on an existing design, and just had the power system replaced with a motor and batteries. The plane only has about a 15 minute endurance since it’s only a test project to learn about the system efficiency, reduced complexity, reduced maintenance, noise and vibration.
For more information, visit link

Pure Electronic gnition for Certified Aircraft

The first electronic ignition system STC for Lycoming and Continental engines are being developed my The system replaces one magento and provides a 20 deg spark duration and up to 30 deg of spark advance to five better engine performance and fuel savings. Several thousand of their previous generation unit are in place in experimental engines. It takes about 5 hours to install.

Electric Flight AirVenture 2010 Review

In addition to the all-day electric flight symposium held at last year’s convention, there were several other seminars. The titles of those were NASA Puffin, Flight Design on Electric Aircraft, Affordable Electric Flight, Electric Motorgliders, Antares 20E and H2, Designing E-Airplanes, E-Flight Motor Controllers, Green Flight Project, Electric Airliners, Electric Aircraft Design, the 2nd Century of Flight, Personal Electric Aircraft, Electric Airframes, E-Flight Motor Design, Swift Stratum Battery, Advanced Batteries, Advanced Battery Systems, Electric Flight Research Discussion, Advanced Electric Concepts, Pipistrel Taurus Electro, Changes in Electric RC.

There’s sure to be more there this year.

Rolls Royce Offers Young Eagles Scholarships

Rolls-Royce has introduced a flight training scholarship program for kids who have taken a Young Eagles flight, and completed the majority of the Sporty’s online private pilot course.
Six scholarships are available toward flight training, and one scholarship is available for the complete private pilot program. Visit for more information

Legends of Flight 3D Movie

I’m a lot behind updating posts, so let’s see if I can get a bunch of entries in before the next big event.

A few months ago, I went to the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford to see the Legends of Flight 3D movie at their 3D theater. While any 3D movie is going to be full of visual gimmicks, I didn’t find this movie to have an entertaining story to accompany the effects.
All the flying 3D effects were computer generated. This is needed since 3D cameras wouldn’t be able to safely fly in aerobatic formations. Unfortunately, the flight sequences are unrealistic, such as a Stearman biplane doing a roll very close to the ground, and other planes flying very close to ships. The other 3D effects are computer aided design (CAD) fly-throughs of a Boeing 787. That brings me to the other problem. This film is primarily an advertisement for Boeing. There were 3D views of the crowd viewing the 787 rollout, and a few scenes of the Airbus 380, but the biggest problem is that so much of the film is spent within staged Boeing design conference meetings.
Yep, nothing like spending $7 for a 50 minute movie to watch people in a conference room.
The film credits state it was funded by Boeing, so some self-promotion is expected, but there isn’t much in the film about any flight “Legends”